MECS Engineered Alloy Products
The newest addition to our line of corrosion resistant alloys ZeCorTM is available exclusively from MECS. ZeCorTM exhibits exceptional corrosion resistance in 93% – 99% Sulfuric acid. It costs less than other stainless steel alloys which means ZeCorTM is also very competitive with traditional materials of construction such as cast iron and brick-lined carbon steel (see chart).

Corrosion data from extensive laboratory studies and plants service confirm corrosion rates of less than 1 mpy (0.0254mm/yr) in concentrated hot sulfuric acid.

MECS Systems is committed and focused on providing solutions to corrosion problems in the Sulfuric acid industry. Our ability to combine the latest equipment technology with optimum material selection has been the key to our success.

MECS’s portfolio of alloys for strong Sulfuric acid includes materials such as 310M which have been widely used in the industry.

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ZeCorTM offers many practical advantages over other stainless steel alloys:

  • Lower Cost
  • Plate thickness no longer limiting factor
  • Corrosion resistance can be taken by limiting corrosion allowance on the material required.
  • Proven proprietary welding process is basic gas tungsten arc weld (GTAW-TIG) with use of ZeCor filler wire
  • Welds qualified to ASME code section IX procedure and maintain their corrosion resistance properties throughout
  • Weldability is similar to that of 304/316 stainless steel allowing for onsite repairs by certified welders

MECS – Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steels
In addition to ZeCorTM, the MECS family of corrosion resistant stainless steels offers a viable and attractive alternative to the conventional materials of construction used in sulfuric acid applications.

Our selection of stainless steel products including 310M, are the most widely used alloys in our portfolio.

In addition to these alloys, we offer several other materials for use in seawater coolers, Heat Recovery Systems, and other applications. We are committed to helping you solve any environmental or operational concerns that you may have with your acid plant.

Our ability to understand the overall performance and operation of sulfuric acid plants gives us a unique advantage in responding to such challenges.

Our ZeCorTM Alloy can be used to replace existing plant equipment. Most equipment can be pre-fabricated in the shop and assembled in the field. This eliminates the need for lengthy and costly shutdowns.