Common Applications Side Entry Mixers Are Used For

Jensen Mixers has solidified itself as one of the most trustworthy side-entry mixer manufacturers in the petroleum industry. Founded in the heart of oil country, our side-entry mixers have become a staple in the proper maintenance of large storage tanks that contain various petroleum products. However, though this was their original purpose, there are many different applications side-entry mixers are used for.

Oil and Gas

When storing oil and gas products and derivatives, you would hard pressed to use anything other than a large storage tank or groupings of them. To ensure proper management of B.S & W, proper blending and storage tank cleaning, side entry mixers are a necessity. As a tank mixer supplier founded in conjunction with the petroleum industry, Jensen Mixers has become one of the leading providers of heavy duty side entry agitators.

Jensen Mixers were designed to address many of the unique issues faced by the petroleum industry. In fact, our side entry mixers were designed with the specific needs of the petroleum industry in mind. However, these unique issues can be translated into a wide variety of other industry needs.

Water Treatment

When performing water treatments, consistent blending is a necessity to ensure the desired outcome. While top entry mixers are often used for water treatment, side entry mixers can be placed anywhere on the storage tank and cut costs substantially. In large-scale mixing applications, side entry mixers tend to be more practical due to associated costs.

General Blending & Other Applications

Whether you are blending adhesives, lubricants, additives or bitumen, you will likely need to reduce the amount of settling occurring to achieve your desired finished product. Side entry mixers can also be utilized to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the storage tank for products that require high-temperature ranges. It is important, however, to have a reliable seal at the entry point of the installed side entry mixer.

Side entry mixers can be used for a wide variety of applications other than those stated, including Solvents, Plant Based Oils and Bio-Diesel.  If you store ingredients in large storage tanks and require agitation or blending to keep them efficacious, you will likely benefit from the use of a side entry mixer. Other applications include pharmaceutical storage and pharmaceutical blending.