Specialty Damper Valves

Application Sales Corporation (ASC) is a well-established company that started in May 1989. ASC designs, sells, and manufactures Specialty Dampers & Valves for isolation and/or throttling of flow control.

The product line includes butterfly, multi-louver, refractory lined BV/ML, and Powercam® damper valves with various materials of construction and seat designs. Our Dampers & Valves are designed and manufactured to the customers application and not mass produced,most standards can be complied with including flange bolting.

The Specialty Dampers & Valves have years of excellent operation in the customer plants listed below. ASC’s improved seat and stuffing box designs provide superior performance for many years of service with little or no maintenance. Size range: 12″-120″, Powercam® 6″-72″ (larger per application).

Materials of construction are selected for the application service conditions; including Carbon & Stainless Steels, Hastelloys, and Inconels. Click on the above links for more information.