Welcome to our web site. Acid Piping Technology (APT) specializes in engineered products for the sulfuric acid industry worldwide. APT maintains the world’s largest inventory of MondiTM pipe and fittings for routine or emergency needs.

APT’s inventory availability will minimize your downtime. Our extensive stock of MONDI pipe and standard fittings are the largest inventory in the world. Whether your needs are routine or emergency, you can count on APT to have what you need when you need it.

APT stocks 3″ through 30″ size in pipe and flanges and 2″ through 30″ size in fittings. We stock approximately 2000 fittings with a full range of sizes in standard elbows, tees and reducers available for same day shipment. This stock can replace the complete piping systems in two 3000 T/D acid plants.

Periodic visits by APT professionals provide support to your plant personnel for our products.

MONDITMProduct Specifications

MONDI, a special alloy of ductile iron with unique metallurgy was developed to handle 92-99% sulfuric acid at temperatures of up to 300° F (149° C).

Acid Piping Technology’s MONDI systems offer you unique improvements in:

  • MONDI metallurgy
  • Heavy wall thickness
  • Fitting design
  • Flange face finish
  • Step Ring Fawn GylonTM gasket

These features result in superior piping systems that will provide 20 plus years of excellent services:

  • Superior ductility eliminates the catastrophic failure and breakage that can occur with brittle gray cast iron.
  • Pipe and fittings have durable heavy wall construction.
  • Most patterns for fittings have been improved to eliminate chaplets.
  • Special flange face finish has serrated spiral grooves with a pointed profile that bites into the gasket for a tight seal.
  • APT’s special step gasket is made of Fawn Gylon. It provides an excellent seal in the critical sealing are at the pipe inside diameter.