Air Quality – Oil Smoke and Mist Collectors
200 – 100,000 CFM Mist.GARDTM is perfect for collecting straight oil, water soluble, synthetic, and semisynthetic metalworking fluids. These units are available in hanging and floor mountdesigns. They are ideal for the customer who requires maximum flexibility with limited floor space.

Each Mist.GARDTM unit contains a set of MECS Fiber Beds. Genuine cylindrical, diffusion fiber beds are constructed of thick layers of engineered micro-fibers. MECS Fiber Beds are specifically designed for wet collection of metalworking fluids.

Using MECS fiber bed technology, these systems provide high performance with low maintenance.


  • Technology that works – thousands of successful fiber bed installations
  • Continuous efficiencies of up to 99.9%+ D.O.P.
  • Achieve clean air and a clean shop.
  • Save money on heating/cooling costs Recycle metalworking fluids
  • Eliminate blue haze for a healthy and safe workforce

How do Genuine MECS Fiber Beds collect submicron particles:

Particles larger than 3 microns are collected when their momentum prevents them from following air streamlines around a fiber. They leave the streamline, strike a fiber, and are collected.

Between 1 and 3 micron-sized particles will tend to follow the air streamline as it flows relatively close to a fiber. For example, the fiber collects a 1.0 micron particle, passing within 0.5 micron of the fiber collector.

Extremely fine particles have a random side-to-side movement caused by collisions with air molecules. A 0.1 micron particle will have about 10 times the Brownian diffusion of a 1 micron particle, greatly increasing the probability of a collision with a fiber.

What makes MECS Mist.GardTM better:
Computer/Robotic controlled quality produces consistent sub-micron collection efficiency and longgevity! MECS fiber beds in each MistGARDTMunit are built to performance specifications that were developed over the last 40+ years using our mist elimination experience in achieving outstanding industrial and environmental air quality.

Depending upon application requirements, MistGARDTM mist collectors use either traditional CNC wrapped fiber beds or our NEW modular cartridge style fiber beds. Both employ exacting computerized quality standards which results in up to 99.9+% mist collection efficiency over long periods of time.

All MECS fiber beds are specifically designed for wet environments and they utilize special fiber types, unique filtration enhancements and task specific fiber layers to optimize performance.

Computational fluid dynamics design software is used to engineer proprietary flow patterns to maximize mist collection and expedite drainage.

The screen cages and cartridge housings are welded using industrial robots for consistent high quality and structural integrity to guarantee long life of the fiber bed filters.

This utilization of leading edge technology, proven manufacturing techniques and simply attention to detail results in a much better filter and mist collector.


MECS Fiber Beds collect particles of all sizes, including the difficult to collect submicron mist particles, the smoky “blue haze,” which poses the greatest threat to worker health and safety. In addition, due to their unique design, collected fluid readily drains from Monsanto Fiber Beds.

Therefore Mist.GARD’sTM collection efficiency will remain the same year after year unlike HEPA type filters or ESPs.