Acid Piping Technology specializes in engineered products for the sulfuric acid industry. They maintain a large inventory of the various size saddles and supports for routine or emergency requirements.

Acid Piping Technology has the capability of supplying all the material for your tower and converter. This would include various types of tower distributors, various types of ceramic packing, grid blocks, and cross partition rings, grid and division plates and support columns for the converter.

Various types of tower distributors are supplied in MONDI to meet your demanding requirements. The distributors include troughs and downspouts, spargers and drilled pipes.

MONDI troughs and downspouts are not subject to pluggage like pipe type or trough type with small diameter tubes. Our troughs and downspouts provide 15 plus years of reliable, maintenance-free service. MONDI and the tough sulfate film is resistant to weaker acid concentrations from process upset and shutdown conditions.

Replacement parts or complete distributors are provided for your towers. If required, complete distributor systems can be assembled in the shop and match-marked to assure tower fit.

We supply grids, division plates and support columns in Meehanite alloys. These are made in Meehanite HS and GE 30 for the passes in your converter to the dimensions required. Most patterns are available for existing converter designs.

Meehanite HS is used for temperatures up to 1800° F (984° C). We recommend Meehanite HS grids and columns for Pass 1 conditions to minimize heat scaling, warping and bending.

Our converter internals provide many years of excellent service at the operating temperatures and S02 – S03 gas conditions in each of the converter passes.

This results in reduced maintenance and improved plant operation. Converter internals are made to order at an economical cost and within a timely schedule.