PRESS RELEASE – April 6, 2017

It is with great pleasure that we introduce H.A. Tenney & Company, Inc. as Troy Dualam’s official Sales Representative in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Howard Tenney and his team bring to our company and to clients extensive knowledge of the  chemical process, industrial and the corrosion markets, servicing these sectors for the last 40 years.

H.A. Tenney has a solid reputation and a continuous interest in servicing customers in design and on site activities.  We are excited to have H.A. Tenney partnering with Troy Dualam and be an integral part of our sales team.

The knowledge of H.A. Tenney combined with Troy Dualam expertise in FRP and Dualam fabrication will prove to be a key asset to our strategic customers. The proven FRP expertise of Troy Manufacturing since the 1970’s and that of CPF Dualam since the 1950’s will assure clients of the highest level of engineering, design, material technology and craftsmanship. We also offer on site inspection and assessment of current equipment.

Troy Dualam has applied for RTP-1 accreditation for FRP and Dual-Laminate vessels. We anticipate to be fully accredited by the end of 2017.

We welcome inquiries to assist with Engineering, Design & Fabrication of future projects. Please contact Howard, Drew or Gene for any question or inquiry.

Howard Tenney (281)350-1200 or cell (281) 802-7172,
Drew Tenney (281) 350-1200 or cell 281-300-5879,
Gene Tenney (281) 350-1200 or cell 281-300-8234,


Best Regards
Paul Habib
Troy Dualam Inc.